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Banner Towing

Types of Banners 

Banner Towing in the Citabria is relatively straight forward due to the excellent visibility, slow speed handling and power. 

We tow two types of banners, String and Flag.



For a string banner we can tow a maximum of 35 letters and flags up to 180sq mtrs. 

We tow at a speed of 100kph and can cover the Auckland area in a 2hr flight.
This gives us a great range of options and banner towing has become a important part of our operation.    

Launching a banner 

The most common question I get asked is how do you get the banner into the air? The answer is simple and
dramatic for the ordinary observer.

The aircraft is setup with a small grappling hook linked to a release unit on the tail. 


After takeoff the hook is deployed and flies behind and slightly lower than the aircraft itself.     

On the ground the banner is laid out flat on the ground and the rope is rolled out into wind. 
At the end of the rope there is a large loop which is strung between two poles about 5mtrs apart about 3mtrs in the air. 

The aircraft then lines up between the poles  and at the last moment pulls into a steep climb. 



This tends to lift the banner rather than pull it along the ground. 

Then it’s a quick check of the T’s and P’s before departing the field for your area of operation.    


Release is straight forward,  once over the release point you pull the release handle and the banner and the hook float down to earth. 






Time spent flying is NOT subtracted from your lifespan!

David Higdon / Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast