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Andrew Hope
I learnt to fly as a 15 year old when still at school at Bathurst in Central NSW, going solo with a total of 6.4 hours in the book.  I still remember my first instructor, Jerry Trevor-Jones and my first solo in VH-PTC.  It was at Bathurst were I had my first taste of tail dragging in a Bellanca Decathlon, VH-DEC developing my passion for aviation and aerobatics. 

I left Bathurst in 87 with a restricted private pilots licence and a ticket for fun and adventure with the RAAF as a direct entry cadet.

Well the Air Force was great fun, flying CT4's at Point Cook in Victoria followed by Macchi's in Perth, culminating with my graduation on 151Pilots cse in sep 1990.

My first flying posting was HS748's and then I had the experience of fast jets.  Things never quite go as planned and I found myself posted to Caribou in 1998.  What a versatile machine the Caribou was.  For almost three years I visited almost every strip in Northern Australia gained a Tactical Captaincy and Night Vision Goggle rating with my time culminating in two tours of East Timor in Early 2000.

I was awarded the Australian Active Service and Timor Campaign medals before resigning from the Air Force and moving to NZ.

With my arrival in New Zealand came the opportunity to fly the iconic Warbird DC3 and one of a kind Miles Messenger. As you peer into the sky on a Sunday afternoon chances are I'm looking down from the captains seat so give me a wave! Now days I spend most of my time in the rear seat of trusty CIT giving either tailwheel or aerobatic instruction.
Andrew Hope


Time spent flying is NOT subtracted from your lifespan!

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